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Brooke Vincent, Corrie Goes To KenyaAugust 3, 2012

Brooke Vincent in Corrie Goes To Kenya

Brooke Vincent is joined by three of her fellow Coronation Street cast members (Sue Cleaver, Ryan Thomas and Ben Price) as they travel to Kenya in an attempt to educate locals on the dangers of HIV and drug abuse. The Corrie star tells TV Choice more.

In the two-part documentary Corrie Goes To Kenya, you recruit local actors in an attempt to perform plays that will help to spread the message of HIV and drug abuse across villages and slums in Kenya. What was the most daunting part for you?
The main thing was what to expect. You always see these poverty-stricken places in Kenya on TV, and you just presume that’s what it’s like everywhere. But it was nothing like that.

What did you think it was going to be like?
I didn’t think they did anything in the day — I don’t know why I thought that — but there were people working and children going to school. I couldn’t get my head around that! And walking up a street with no shoes on was normal to them.

How basic were the places you stayed?
We were in a hotel, but when you go into the houses there’s absolutely nothing. It baffles me how they live like that, but they don’t know any different. To see girls my age with three children was crazy.

What was it like talking to them?
I went to dinner at one of the girl’s houses and she was 22, her mother died when she was 11. Here, my boyfriend has loads of brothers and sisters and they’re constantly messing around, but in Kenya there was no connection between brother and sister.

How often did you speak to your loved ones while you were away?
I rang my mum every night, but the hardest thing for me was that everyone else was still going about their day-to-day life. Every time I rang up I wanted to tell them everything, but I found it easier to ask what they’d been doing.

Was it tough being away from your family?
Being isolated from normality for two weeks, and having cameras in your face the whole time watching your reactions, was the most draining bit.

You went with three of your Coronation Street co-stars. Did anyone find it particularly tough?
No. We all got to speak to each other and at night we’d chat about what we’d seen.

It must have been weird coming back to the luxury of your normal life…
In those two weeks I didn’t miss anything — apart from McDonalds! You just get used to their culture and community.

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