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Jane Asher, The Old GuysJune 25, 2010

Cake-making queen and actress Jane Asher is back in BBC1 sitcom The Old Guys.

How was it filming the second series?
It was lovely going back. I think we were all thrilled. You just never know nowadays whether something will be recommissioned or not, but I think we all very much hoped it would be, because we all had such a good time doing the first one.

Did you know your co-stars Clive Swift and Roger Lloyd Pack beforehand?
Yes — showbiz is a surprisingly small world. I think I’d done some radio with Roger, and Clive I’d certainly met socially. We all became really good friends on series one, so it was lovely to get back together. Filming away from home, in Glasgow, that always bonds you more quickly — a bit like being on tour. We did a lot of eating and drinking, and a lot of cinema and art galleries.

We get to see your character Sally’s vulnerable side in the new series. Would she like some romance?
I’m sure she would. In series one she had a boyfriend or two, but she never seems to keep anyone very long. Whether she’d like romance with one of our stars is an interesting question. I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t happen in this series, but I think we feel it’s more possible than we might have felt in series one.

How do you manage to fit your cake business around your acting career?
It does take up a huge amount of time, running any business does, although I have a fantastic manager at the shop [in Kensington, London]. It all started when my children were very young and I didn’t want to be off on tour, or in the theatre every night or on location. When I got back to more full-time acting I had several things to do at once, but I love that.

Is there any particular type of food or ingredient which helps maintain your youthful looks?
Oh I think we all know — less fat, more vegetables and oily fish — the same, boring old message we’ve heard for years. On the other hand, what’s life about? I drink a bit too much wine, I know that. I probably eat too much meat — but I just love food and drink so much that I think you have to compromise. If you ate completely what they call a healthy diet you possibly might be more fit when you’re 90 but I think you’d have had a less enjoyable ride.

What have you got coming up?
I’m dipping back into Holby for a bit, which is lovely — like going home and seeing old friends. I’m not allowed to say too much, but it’s all to do with the baby that Faye [Patsy Kensit] is having. I’m definitely the interfering mother-in-law.

By Marie-Anne Hamilton

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