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Stana Katic, CastleFebruary 24, 2012

Stana Katic

Castle returns for a fourth series on Alibi, and picks up from detective Kate Beckett being shot at Captain Montgomery’s funeral. The captain was involved in the death of Beckett’s mum, and he sacrificed himself to protect Kate as she dug deeper into the mystery of her mother’s murder. TV Choice talks to Stana Katic, who plays Beckett…

CastleIs Beckett still actively investigating her mum’s death during this fourth season following the attempt on her life at Captain Montgomery’s funeral?
Whether we see it or not, she is actively pursuing it. There’s a really great episode called Kill Shot that focuses on the shooting and Beckett’s experience dealing with post traumatic stress, as well as her mother’s murder, and deciding whether she wants to define herself by that anymore. It’s something I think that’s common for everyone. Everyone decides to say these are the things that I’m about, and sometimes you get to a point in life when those things that you were about aren’t servicing you any more, they are hampering you from experiencing life. I think that’s a conflict Beckett’s going to have to face at some point this year.

Do you have a favourite episode this season?Castle
I do love the Kill Shot episode. There is a lot of sweet stuff that happens, especially with the relationship between Beckett and her colleagues. I also like the episode called Cuffed in which we have a surprise guest star named Tiger. That one was a lot of fun. That was very cute for the Castle/Beckett relationship. The first episodes of a season always have an impact, and I think they did a really beautiful job this year with the series opener. I hope people enjoy it in the UK.

Jennifer Beals guest stars as Sophia Conrad. What can you tell us about her?
She comes in as a CIA agent that stirs the pot and is a former muse of Castle’s. This is one of the darker Castle episodes in that the whole planet is at risk. It's a two-parter, and all the two-parters are always wild and bigger bodied episodes.

CastleThis is the fourth season of Castle. Why do you think it's a hit with viewers?
I think the main story that people come to is the romance. The love story. But then of course we have really great stories that ride the wonderful balance of drama and comedy.

Have you been surprised by Castle’s success?
I haven’t had any kind of forethought about whether it would be successful or not. I can’t think like that outside of my work zone and my responsibilities. We come in every day. We’ve got long hours and a lot of words to say, and that is as much as I can handle. More than anything, I’m honoured. We have some really lovely fans and they seem to keep building, and it’s quite an international experience. It’s a pleasure.

So have you read any of the Richard Castle books that have been published for real?Castle
If one was featured in a book, one would obviously want to read that book, right? There you go. I think it’s great that they are writing these books.

Looking at your CV, you’ve appeared in Quantum Of Solace. What was it like appearing in a Bond movie?
It was wonderful. I was part of something that’s almost this monarchy in filmmaking. And of course meeting the Broccoli family, working with director Marc Forster and being opposite Daniel Craig. It was very sweet.

You also have a production company Sine Timore Productions which apparently means without fear in Latin.
Yeah. Without fear, without awe and without reverence.

CastleDoes that sum up your motto in life, or is there anything that you do fear?
I think everybody fears something and then you work through it, and that’s where courage comes in. But in filmmaking specifically, you can’t lead with fear, you have to lead with courage. If you want to tell interesting, impactful stories you can’t be hampered by anyone’s theories of what filmmaking should be. So that’s what I thought would be a great way to start a film company — just create that kind of mantra for filmmaking, create interesting, impactful stories that aren’t blocked by peoples’ opinions of, ‘Oh, I can’t make it for this much money,’ or, ‘That kind of story will never fly.’ It’s just about creating amazing stories.

Are there any particular projects in the pipeline for Sine Timore Productions?
There is one right now. We’re finishing optioning a book right that we will put into production hopefully for filmmaking in the next two years.

Will you be starring in it?
Possibly, yeah. Ideally that would be great. That’s why I liked the story – I related a lot to the female character in it.

Away from work, you like to travel, so which places are on your bucket list?Castle
I’ll do India probably really soon. Ethiopia and Japan. I’ve never been to Spain, so hopefully I’ll get to do Spain soon as well.

Finally, is it true that you do karate and belly dancing?
I practiced belly dancing for a little while, but I did practice Isshin-Ryu karate for a long time.

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