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Tony Discipline, EastEndersJune 17, 2011

Tony Discipline as Tyler Moon

With Michael and Eddie joining Alfie in Albert Square, the Moons are rivalling the Mitchells as Walford’s number one family, and the invasion continues as another member of the clan rolls up. Tyler Moon, played by newcomer Tony Discipline, is Michael’s brother and Eddie’s favourite son, so let battle commence! TV Choice meets the EastEnders new boy…

Tell us about Tyler Moon's arrival in Walford.
He pulls up in a flash car and straight away starts chatting up Jodie. It turns out he’s come to Albert Square to get away from three sisters because he’s had a relationship with each of them but they turn up at The Queen Vic during a Hawaii Five-O theme night. There are free cocktails and they end up pouring one over Tyler.

Doesn’t he try it on with Whitney as well?
Yes, she’s still dealing with the whole Rob thing and Tyler’s a bit too in her face and confident so she ends up punching him!

And he snogs Mo – sounds like he’s a bit of a character.
Along with the free cocktails, Tyler is offering free kisses so Mo pins him up against the bar!

Has it been daunting joining the show?
It has but the people I’ve been surrounded by have made it so much easier. Shane Richie’s been fantastic and David Essex is such a nice guy.

You’re a bit young to remember him, did you know who he was?
I did but mainly because my mum was a massive fan — she asked me to get an autograph.

What’s the relationship between Tyler and Michael?
Michael’s a bit jealous of his brother’s relationship with their dad and Tyler can’t really work him out. You can see the friction straight away.

How will you celebrate on the night your first episode is screened?
Part of me wants to get everyone round to watch and part of me wants to sit in a dark room and watch through a sheet! I think I’ll get everyone around, they’ve all been so supportive.

You were working in Billingsgate fish market when you got the role of Tyler Moon — when did you decide you wanted to be an actor?
I’ve always had an interest and when I left school I worked for a theatre lighting company, which was rigging loads of shows including Strictly Come Dancing. That really spurred an interest and then I got a job at British Telecom and I was conflicted. My mum wanted me to stick with that, so I did it for a year but it wasn’t for me. I went to the fish market because you work during the early hours, which means you have time off during the day to go to classes.

You must have worked really hard and now it’s paid off.
When I first started at Billingsgate I was working as a porter during the week, I had my own fish stall at New Covent Garden market on a Sunday, and I was going to acting class. In the end I had to cut out the market stall to concentrate on the acting.

Has anyone given you advice about dealing with the fame that will come?
The best piece of advice was from the producer Bryan Kirkwood who said you can either be an actor or a celebrity, it’s down to you to make the decision.

Your screen brother Anthony, played by Matt Lapinskas, joins the show in a few weeks, are you close?
Yes, when I did my first workshop for the role there were a bunch of prospective Tylers and Anthonys and they paired us off together. Since then our relationship has become really strong and we get on like a house on fire. It’s fortunate we get on so well and I think it carries over on screen.

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to working with?
Cheryl Fergison who plays Heather. She’s such a character.

Will Tyler try it on with her?
Never rule it out. Rule No 1, never rule it out!

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